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Medicare will usually pay a portion of the costs associated with covered medical expenses.  Most people will also purchase a “Medicare Supplement Plan,” also known as a Medi-gap Policy, to help with the out of pocket expenses that fall under the deductible or coinsurance of original Medicare. Prescription drug coverage is referred to as “Part D” and is usually obtained separately. If you are looking for a Medicare health insurance agent near me in Redding, you need look no further. We can help anyone who resides anywhere in California! Click on any of the links below to learn more about the benefits appropriate for your situation.


What are the different parts of Medicare?

Medicare is made up in four parts: 

Part A : Pays for inpatient hospital services, skilled nursing, and hospice expenses

Part B: Pays for many eligible medical expenses outside of the hospital

Part C: These are Medicare Advantage Plans, health plans offered by Private Insurance Carriers as an alternative to using Original Medicare. Some plans also include coverage for prescriptions

Part D: Prescription Drug Plans offered by Private Insurance Carriers to help pay for prescription drugs

Can I ever change my medicare supplement coverage?

You may change to an equal or lesser plan with any carrier during the month of your birthday, or you may change any time during the year with proof of insurability. You may also change to a Medicare Advantage Plan during the open enrollment period, if available in your region.

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