We can help you sort out the insurance needs for your small business.


If a business has at least two full-time employees, it is most likely eligible for group health insurance and other employee benefits.  Employers can tailor a benefit plan that meets the specific needs of their employees.  Group health insurance can be very appealing as employee benefits continue to be a key factor in hiring and retaining quality employees. In addition to the traditional health insurance plans, there are many plans available to cover dental, vision, disability, and more.  These plans are reasonably priced and help complete a quality benefit package for employers to offer their employees. If you are looking for a small business health insurance agent near me in Redding, you need look no further. Click on any of the links below to find out more about the benefits that are best for your company.


I am self employed, can I get a group plan?

In most cases, as long as you have at least two full-time employees on payroll your business can qualify for a group plan.


Does the open enrollment period apply for businesses applying for insurance?

No it doesn’t.  A group plan can begin at any time during the year.


How does the Affordable Care Act benefit my business?

Depending on the size of your group and the number of employees participating in the plan, your business could qualify for tax credits for providing coverage for your employees.  These credits vary greatly depending on several factors such as location, employer contribution, and more.  It is best to consult your tax professional regarding the details of these tax advantages.


Do I have to pay the full cost for my employees and their dependents?

No, an employer can pay as little as 50% of the employee’s premium.  Beyond that, the employer can decide if they wish to contribute more than 50% or if they will pay any portion of the premium for their employees dependent's coverage.


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Can my employees choose between different plans?

Yes, an employer can offer to pay a portion of a certain plan. If an employee wants a different plan, the employer can adjust the employee contributions to reflect the difference in cost.


Why should I provide insurance for my employees when they can purchase it individually through Covered California?

A strong benefit plan is an excellent way to attract and retain quality employees.  Providing insurance could make the difference in a potential employee choosing to work for you or someone else.  Also, an individual plan would often cost an employee more than what they would contribute for an employer sponsored plan.


Why should we use an agent for our business insurance needs?

It’s important to have an agent that can help you navigate and understand the overwhelming options available in the insurance marketplace.  We can be your partner in every step of the process—beginning with helping you determine the best options for your business, and continuing through the application process and beyond.  We provide ongoing assistance with claims questions, billing issues, and more.  Conveniently located in Redding, we pride ourselves on our client service and are always looking out for your best interests.